And there is no one to blame !

When it rains in Dhaka, even only for an hour, most of the roads are flooded. Year after year the inhabitants of the city are experiencing this. Right now Dhaka is said to be the 10th most populous national capital in the world with approximately 18 million people living in it.(1)  Yet it’s really hard to find people or institutions or organizations both government or independent responsible for its water management.

Let’s see some pictures of Dhaka’s road over the years mostly around the rainy season. All the pictures are collected from different websites and they are mentioned in the captions.


This picture was taken in 2004. The area is Baridhara DOHS, a housing area for retired army officials and they are said to be powerful and influential and rich (apartment values may second the information). It is collected from wikipedia. (2)

dhaka-streets 2014This one was published in ruhulrabbi’s wordpless bolg in 2014. (3)


This picture was taken and published in March 2014. Location : Uttara. Published by


This is a picture of 2015. Location Kazipara, Mirpur. published by


A picture was taken and published in 2015. Sadly The roads are very close to a big park with water-body. Yet Lack of proper drainage facility.

21_WaterloggingPaikpara_110616_0002 published the above picture of Paikpara under Mirpur on 11th June of 2016.


Image published by in September 2016. An image after Eid-ul-Azha. Many roads of Dhaka got an image like this on that day.


This photo was published by in September 2017. Location: Rampura, Banasree.


Another 2017 picture. Sadly the road is just beside Bangobhabon, the official residence of the honorable president of the country. Either even the president doesn’t care or nobody cares about the president.


Another 2017 picture. From the road beside Secretariat, where most of the important decisions of the nation are taken. Clearly, mistakes repeated are not mistakes, they are just decisions.


This is a very recent image. Taken and published in 29th April of 2018. Location: Beside the Sonargaon Hotel. Commercially a very important area of the City. Thedailystar published the image.


One of the posh areas of the City. Dhanmondi-27. The photo was taken and published in 29th April 2018 by Thedailystar. Nobody knows where the money goes, where the taxes are spent.

Now I think we have seen enough of it. Yet not enough for the authorities of the City or the country. We may name some of the authorities…

a. Water Development Board (
b. Dhaka WASA (
c. Dhaka North City Corporation
d. Dhaka South City Corporation
e. RAJUK (

And none of them are to be blamed for waterlogging of the city. A city of such scale and importance. Yet we the 18 million people of it have no right or way to ask questions about the poor water management system of the city to anybody or any authority or any institution.

The above pictures show us that the whole city has been severely suffering for a long long time, maybe only God can say how long, due to lack of water-related infrastructures and the negligence of the authorities for water issues of the city. We see a lack of proper design of the drainage system. We experience very poor urban planning. The laws to control and guide the growth of the city are almost dysfunctional. Nobody cares about the City-corporation or the Rajuk’s laws. And so on…

If we would consider ourselves as the city, as Kazi Khaleed Ashraf stated, it would not be like this. We would have a place to file complains, where there would be people to consider them. We would have institutions that have the know-how to solve the problem. We would have a community that embody the desire to make the city hydro-logically a sustainable place. But that is not just happening and we can’t say anything to anybody but to suffer and get angry and frustrated.



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